Printed editions of Software Defined Radio with Zynq® UltraScale+ RFSoC (both hardback and paperback) are available to purchase from Amazon and other book vendors from 24th January 2023. Worldwide shipping will be available from some vendors such as The Book Depository, but please double-check the shipping restrictions of your chosen vendor before purchase.

Printed editions are full colour come with full-colour diagrams, and clock in at just under 750 pages, with 19 chapters and 9 accompanying notebooks overviews. The recommended retail prices are as follows:

United States ($ US)99.0085.00
United Kingdom (£ UK)79.0067.00
European Union (€ EU)89.0075.00
Canada ($ Can)124.00110.00
Australia / NZ ($ Aus)124.00115.00
Other Regions ($, US)99.0085.00