The Strathclyde Software Defined Radio Lab (or StrathSDR) is a research group within the University of Strathclyde in Scotland that focuses on the research, development, and trialling of agile radio networks and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) solutions. The StrathSDR team have worked with AMD devices for many years, starting with the Virtex family of FPGAs in the 2000s, continuing with the Zynq and Zynq MPSoC in more recent times, and now including the Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC.

Previous Books

Over the years, the group have published a number of other books targeted at AMD device users and Software Defined Radio enthusiasts. All of these books are free resources, with free PDFs available to download from their respective websites. For those who would prefer physical editions for reference, paper copies are available via Amazon or other retailers.

For further information on these books, follow the appropriate links below:

Our Projects

The StrathSDR lab is currently working on a number of innovative projects across a range of domains and involving a number of AMD devices (including the RFSoC!). We are primarily focused on 5G, shared and dynamic spectrum, and software defined radio / cognitive radio. You can check out some of the open source educational materials that we have produced over on our GitHub page, and find more information on some of our headline projects by clicking on the project icons below.